NDA's Export Services & Activities      

Trade missions: Conducting trade missions to promote Nebraska’s agricultural products has long been a cornerstone of NDA’s international activities. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is committed to international trade missions, and we conduct several trade missions every year in various countries to establish contacts, encourage sales of products, build and maintain relationships, and explore new opportunities for Nebraska’s agricultural exporters. In the world of international agricultural trade, face-to-face contacts are incredibly valued and are essential to any entity wanting to achieve the success NDA strives for.

Hosting international buyers: Throughout the year, the Nebraska Agricultural Trade Office hosts overseas teams interested in making final purchase decision on Nebraska’s agricultural products. Oftentimes, the Trade Office works in conjunction with Nebraska producers or companies that the buyers will be doing business with and arranges visits with several operations to educate the buyers on Nebraska’s agricultural production. Nebraska’s excellent people, landscape, and natural resources help us tell the story of our state’s largest industry, and these elements play a key role in building the relationships between our customers and our producers.

Trade leads: Nebraska’s Agricultural Trade Office is routinely contacted by overseas buyers interested in purchasing Nebraskan agricultural products. After getting details on their situation and needs by having them complete a Trade Lead Form, we pass on their details to Nebraska companies that will be able to meet their particular needs.

Export assistance: Through its relationships and memberships with export organizations, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture Trade Office can connect Nebraska producers and companies with people to assist them in navigating the logistical challenges and regulatory requirements for exporting their products. By contacting our office we can identify and direct you to exports that would be the best fit for your specific needs.