The Nebraska Advantage      

Nebraska agriculture has been described as expansive and diverse with an abundance of natural resources. The landscape varies from large pastures dotted with feeding cattle, to miles of rolling hills bursting with a wide variety crops, and everything in-between. Abundant water, a varied landscape, and most importantly, hard-working people, allows Nebraska to produce a wide-variety of world-class agricultural products.

With monikers like Cornhuskers and The Beef State, it doesn’t take long to figure out corn and cattle are two of the top commodities produced in Nebraska. The state has been among the leading producers in each category nationally for many years. The ready supply of corn as feed for the cattle results in producing premium-quality meat products, which are sought by consumers throughout the world.

But Nebraska also leads the way in production of many other crops and livestock. It has been the number-one producer in the United States of popcorn and Great Northern beans, and among the state leaders in producing soybeans, wheat, dry edible beans, pork, grain sorghum and eggs. Nebraska’s low population and high agricultural productivity has made our state’s producers to be outwardly focused and raise crops and livestock for the global marketplace.

Welcome to Nebraska. Welcome to Nebraska agriculture.