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"The Nebraska Agricultural Trade Office assists in the promotion and sales of Nebraska agricultural products and related goods to new and existing international markets."

Nebraska produces one of every five steaks and hamburgers made in the United States. With over 20,000 beef cow operations, the state produces more beef per square mile than any other state.

Nebraska is located in the heart of beef country where there is a unique mix of natural resources. Cattle are raised on 24 million acres of
rich pasture, and supported by an abundant supply of fresh water and ample sunshine. These conditions are most favorable for raising the highest quality cattle.

Cattle production is the state’s largest industry and the primary economic source for its residents. Nebraska cattlemen take pride in knowing that they raise high-quality, wholesome cattle. Many families make their living from the land, which provides them a strong incentive to
protect their animals and the environment to the fullest.

Over 1 billion bushels of corn are produced in Nebraska each year, 40% of which is used for feeding of the state’s livestock. This contributes to the excellent nutrition and health of Nebraska cattle.

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